Below NYC: Flying the Hudson River Corridor

Fly below the skyline of New York City

Every pilot has a bucket list slightly different than others, but what if you could show people you flew under the skyline of New York City? Well, you can! The FAA has an exclusion for the New York Class B airspace that allows pilots who complete the New York Special Flight Rules Area course to fly VFR along the Hudson River.

See the Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building, World Trade One, George Washington Bridge, Intrepid Sea, Air, & Space Museum, and more. Time to start saving up some money and head to the airport! Grab some family/friends, or an instructor, and don’t forget to take a camera.

The FAA has a downloadable kneeboard reference guide to lay out all of the requirements for the flight. We recommend taking someone with you to help with the flying. New York’s airspace is one of the busiest in the world, but offers such a great experience for those that go on this adventure.

As you fly northward on the eastern side of the Hudson River, you will call out each landmark as you pass it while stating your flight’s information. Below is an example:

“Cessna, Statue of Liberty, 1,000 feet, Northbound.”

You must state your aircraft type, the checkpoint, your altitude, and North/Southbound (whichever way you are headed). As you get to the Alpine Tower, you must turn Southbound and head back down the Hudson River.

This flight is one for your memories. Want to experience it even better? Flying the corridor at night is even more of a sight to see. Flying under the skyline of some of the largest buildings on the East Coast and seeing the lights reflecting off your wing. You won’t be able to forget it!

Adam K

If you have done this flight before and have any photos or videos to share, we would love to see them. What are some other places you think are pilot bucket list worthy? Let us know!

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