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Young Aviators is dedicated to promoting the aviation industry to young individuals and guiding them in their career paths. Joining our organization helps us to host educational opportunities and events for individuals to enjoy.


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Benefits of Being a Young Aviator

By being a part of Young Aviators, Inc., you have just begun a journey to further your passions from interests to professional careers. Joining our organization allows you to enjoy:

  • Ground School Lessons Taught by Certified Flight Instructors (CFI) and Receive Logbook Endorsement.
  • Career Fairs at Local Airports
  • Mentorship Opportunities
  • Aviation Events at Local Airports
  • Youth Camps
  • Professional Career Networking

Who Can Be a Young Aviator?

Whether you’re an aspiring pilot, enrolled engineer, or someone who simply loves planespotting, we’ve got you covered! Young Aviators, Inc. tailors its opportunities to a variety of groups, including:

  • Pilot
  • Engineer
  • Mechanic
  • Flight Attendant
  • Aviation Enthusiast
  • Air Traffic Controller
  • Business Professional (e.g. Airport Management)

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